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Mouth-watering & Dessert-inspired flavors like chocolate brownie, maple cinnamon vanilla

Rich & Delicious. No fillers. No gums. No to Low Sugar.

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Each cup of Yofiit plant milk is packed with

10g Protein
1000mg Omega - 3

Almond milk ONLY

1g Protein

Oat milk ONLY

2-3g Protein

One plant milk for everything. Smoothies. Lattes. Pancakes. Pasta.

Ingredients, when combined, deliver magic

We spent years studying all the possible ingredients that would create this magic result of taste, nutrition, functionality.

  • Vanilla Extract

    Adds a hint of sweetness

  • Flax


  • Peas

    More protein

  • Chickpeas

    Makes everything bind together

  • Original

    Our original flavor is smooth, versatile and can be used in anything whether it is to boost your smoothie, shake, matcha lattes. It won't disappoint.

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  • Vanilla Cinnamon

    Looking for a treat? You can have nutrition and amazing taste. With only 3g of sugar from maple syrup, it is a treat without the guilt. Amazing in chai latte, coffee!

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  • Vanilla

    Our vanilla is a go to for cereal, granola, or whatever requires a hint of vanilla without any added sugar.

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  • Chocolate Brownie

    Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay strong with our High Protein Chocolate Brownie Oat & Chickpea Milk!

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  • Barista

    Our Barista Milk adds a decadent boost to any espresso, tea. You won't believe how good it is!

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  • Indulgent Pack

    Indulge in every sip of our high protein, plant-based drink. Experience the perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

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  • No Sugar Pack

    Elevate your coffee and tea with our sugar-free alternatives. Experience the true taste without compromising your health.

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